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Thank you for your interest in working with Monroe Drone! Please complete the questions below to help us match you with the right types of drone missions.  Monroe Drone serves clients of all sizes so all pilots, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced are welcome to join our network, build skills and experience and expand access to missions.

If you need a quote for a drone imaging project, visit our Contact page. If you have a general inquiry, visit our Contact page.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of a collective imagination. The industry is a new frontier, and each and every pilot has the opportunity to discover ways to deliver value. As our collective network develops new and exciting drone solutions and skills, the value to our clients grows in tandem – as does the volume of drone missions returning to the Monroe Drone pilot network to fulfill.

As the Monroe Drone fleet grows, we also gain operating efficiency and buying power, which means greater margins for participating drone pilots.

This continual cycle of value and benefits to both clients and pilots is why Monroe Drone alone delivers the best drone industry results.

Pilot Certification

Don’t yet have your FAA part 107 certification? Not a problem. You simply learn the material and go to a local FAA office for a test, similar to the DMV.

We have a negotiated discount rate from the best FAA 107 training course provider in the country.  Get your 107 course materials now.

Once you get your Part 107 certification, please return to join the upcoming Monroe Drone Pilot Marketplace to be eligible for drone missions and to access tools and additional discounts that will help you start and build your own drone business.