Aerial Drone Photography& Videography

Drone Marketing & Media

It is so much easier – and more affordable – to capture amazing photos and video footage with a drone than with other aerial methods. Now you can create drone marketing print or video promotions that would have previously been out of reach or simply taken too long. Drones help you react quickly to stay on top of market demand and capture people’s interest.

Showcase your properties

When you’re able to show aerial photography of your property, or even a virtual preview using aerial video, you can show its true beauty. Expand your audience and attract new guests, visitors, or members to your resort, amusement park, or golf course with imagery that is light years ahead of ground-level photos and videos.

When you feature aerial photography in your marketing brochures or a virtual video tour of your vacation property on your website or other digital marketing efforts, your guests will be able to envision themselves there. They’ll get an up close and personal look at their wedding or other special event venue, or their vacation accommodations. You can also include destination highlights (featured tourist attractions) in proximity to your property.

Bring the message directly to your audience

Because drones can travel practically anywhere, they are a novel advertising platform. Beyond the scope of print or digital media advertising, drones can bring your advertising message directly to your audience. Drone advertisements can engage the public at stadiums, restaurants, public parks – anywhere they’re allowed to fly.

When you’re ready to capture the images you need to create stunning marketing materials, or to create the next level of direct marketing, consider drone technology.

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