Aerial Drone Photography& Videography

Drone Surveying & Drone Mapping Services

Drone mapping services and drone surveying provide faster, easier and more affordable land services. In fact, using drones for mapping and surveying is 85% quicker and costs 4 times less than typical measurement methods. Drones are an efficient way for surveyors to see large areas all at once without having to be on site, eliminating the risks related to dangerous terrain.

Faster and more affordable

Using LIDAR, infrared, orthomosaic and other sensors and technologies, drone mapping services can quickly capture image data and convert it to 2D, 3D, and 4D maps that can be annotated and shared in the cloud. These capabilities allow the measurement of distances and volumes, the development fast topographic, hydrographic and thermal maps, and the ability to see volumetric calculations for stockpiles and monitor regularly for changes. The view of heat maps and flood insurance maps accurately identifies property boundaries, map construction sites, and topographical features that affect engineering project requirements.

These are just a few ways drones greatly streamline and simplify surveying and mapping today.

Gain new insights fast

With their unique ability to cover large land areas quickly and to hover at height, along with cameras and sensors adjustable from the ground, drone mapping services can measure, transmit and reveal insights not easily obtained for analysis, as well as, for compliance documentation. Let drones uncover new levels of efficiency and innovation by prompting new questions!

Modernizing the survey process

Whether the project is a single building site or a large infrastructure project, enterprises become more efficient and thus more profitable; they also become a lot safer. Drone aerial imaging modernizes surveying for the digital era and delivers valuable results to architects, engineers, contractors, civil authorities and ultimately – your customers.

Located in Texas, Monroe Drone pilots are professionally certified, FAA compliant and fully insured.