Commercial Videography

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We have covered many special events such as fireworks, fairs, parades, races, walks, awards ceremonies, fashion shows, sporting events, and even a memorial service.


Aerial imaging in commercial real estate development and property management makes it easier to select, build and manage properties. From site selection to enhanced marketing, drone aerial real estate photography saves time and costs.

Simplify Property Management

  • Fill open units faster. Attracting tenants for open units is easy when prospective tenants can review detailed aerial images of property interiors and exteriors.
  • Inspect and maintain more efficiently. Especially for areas at height, drone inspections are safer. Inspections can be rerun on the same course repeatedly to easily pinpoint small differences before they become large and expensive fixes – roofs, gutters, landscape, thermal / insulation issues and more.
  • Ensure HOA compliance. Easily cover large common areas and grounds to keep HOA policies or property rules in force.
  • Simplify city and state regulatory compliance. Capture the documentation needed to demonstrate performance.

Efficient Commercial Property Development

  • Attract future occupants. Show investors, buyers or prospective occupants views from ground level, planned upper floors and all around your site, adding appeal before selling the land or starting construction.
  • Identify commercial neighbors. Aerial footage lets you show the businesses and facilities nearby to your planned developments.
  • Easy, comprehensive surveying, inspections and measurement of undeveloped land. Superior mapping and surveying, as well as cross referencing with satellite and LIDAR data show every angle and can calculate terrain details better than surveys or maps.
  • Project management reporting. Manage construction development and redevelopment projects better with site surveys, regular project inspections and progress reports including city and state regulatory compliance requirements, and maintenance checks.