Why Have Plain Wedding Photos When You Could Have Drone Wedding Photos?!

For couples looking for truly unique wedding images, drone photography may be the answer. Initially used for real estate photography, many wedding pros are now investing in drones to capture never-before-possible aerial shots.

According to Jennifer Hardy at New Global Ventures, the use of drones at weddings will only continue to increase. “Drones have become popular because they add a wow-factor to wedding cinematography,” Jennifer says. “Aerial footage makes a couple’s wedding video fresh and interesting.”

He adds that he’s received inquiries from impressed friends and family of his clients who want to use drone footage at their own events. Dales wife Jennifer agrees that her guests were blown away by the same-day edit video shown at her celebration, and only then figured out the drone was capturing footage of the wedding. “A lot of people were amazed and came up to us to talk about the shots,” she smiles.

Five tips to help you decide if drone footage is for you:

  1. Consider your venue. Open fields, golf courses and large venues are most ideal because it is easier for drones to capture sweeping footage, Jennifer says.
  2. Have a vision for the kind of shots you’d want the drone to take. “Some clients want the drone to capture their guests arriving at the ceremony, while other clients prefer it to be used for landscape and venue shots, or to film their photo shoot,” Jennifer says. Discuss your preferences with your photographer.
  3. Remember, drones are weather-dependent. “If there is extremely high wind or torrential rain on a couple’s wedding day, it may be difficult to operate the equipment,” Jennifer mentions. Some of the shots you’ve envisioned may not happen if you have to head indoors.
  4. Keep in mind the unique perspective you’ll get on your big day. While you’re busy giving your Aunt Betty a hug, you may have missed your old high school classmates having a mini-reunion. “Long after the gifts are opened and the thank you notes are sent out, a couple is able to witness all the action again–but through a bird’s eye view that shows them details they may have missed on their wedding day,” Jennifer explains.
  5. Expect additional charges. The charge for drone footage from  Monroe Drones, for example, starts at $1,000. For Jennifer, it was worth it. “Considering the value you get out of it, I definitely don’t regret it,” she says.